“Phatass sez”

Conducting business: why would you change a life time of doing business from what you established? What has severed you well thru your financial travels throughout your life in prospering and protecting your accumulated assets you now abandon – why? Just because you cross a frontier is not a reason to ignore all the sound financial principals, as I tell many of our clients, “pull your head out of your ass”; you would never ever conduct any business in this manner from where you hailed from, never ever! Business requires ethics’ from all parties so stop self-intimidating, stop it! Foreigners, citizens or aliens is moot in business, all come to the table for mutual benefit, so demand clarity, value (both sides), transparency and accountability or else RUN don’t WALK. If not, you lose and what is even worse you embolden the humbuggers and become part of the problem – don’t pass on HARM.