“Phatass” (Who is Not a Complete Idiot) Runs Business

Our slogan is We’re Just Not Annoying. How we adopted our motto is simple. Over and over again, you walk away from a business transaction as simple as ordering a sandwich feeling disappointed, annoyed, or–worst case–just plain pissed off. Think about how annoying it is to schedule an important doctors appointment or how revolting it feels when you see something at the grocery store marked at one price only to find at the register that you actually need to buy 5 of the same item to get the quoted price on the tag. Think about the befuddlement you feel when you’re shopping for new insurance and trying to make sense of the 60-page policy statement, or imagine the aggravation of paying too much for a cup of coffee and then watching the snobby hipster who served you eye the tip jar, begging for a little extra. And let us not forget the simple act of ordering fast food at the drive-thru and never getting exactly what you ordered.

!Now Stop
Breathe deep and imagine a world where these transactions are simple, where you get what you ordered at the advertised price and no one will expect more from you once the transaction is complete. If you think long and hard, you might remember a simpler time when your word meant something and business cared more about their reputation and integrity than the bottom dollar. That’s the world we want to live in, and our business reflects that simple wish. We make the experience of starting and maintaining a business less annoying than our competitors.

It’s not that we’re some over-the-top great company, visionaries, or even nice people. It’s just that we’re not complete freaking idiots.
We know our clients are already going through something that will seem incredibly frustrating and stupid. Our job is to help our clients make their business registration problems disappear, initially and ongoing. The last thing someone starting a business wants is one more frustrating transaction. Hence our slogan: We’re Just Not Annoying. This is our goal. This is how we operate. We simply want to move you along and have a pleasant exchange of money for services well done.