services that are like a gift

first of all we have never smuck or served bullshit. What we know we really know, plus
what we provide we really do – ok end of  our disclaimer.

Over the past twenty years (20) we have been involved in way tooooo many problems
(both ours and a lot of wonderful individuals). Our survival has been based on understanding
the maze of bureaucratic maze to  sustaining a successful track record of solving the nightmares
that seem to pile up on everyone's doorstep. From the simple to trying to obtain receipts, paying
various bureaucratic departments (the tiring and frustrating effort never seems to subside – telnor
cfe cespm, property taxes, hoa bullshit, concession problems, federal zone pains, contractor skulduggery – the list is endless).

We have experienced all that and more; but in the end with our knowledge, perseverance, sources have
been able to accomplish what most other have not.

We have numerous clients who have relied on “phastass services” (and growing); enjoying with us our successful accomplishments eliminating the harsh realities of of a lot of bastards trying to ruin your day. We really believe that spreading a little sunshine over the manure patch is a good thing!

Not all bureaucracy individuals are bad its just the employment dictates them to be miserable so there is an inclinations to pass it on, that does not need to happen (and shouldn't) which we have pleasant
results for all (our clients, phatass, even the bureaucrat benefits).

If any of the items mentioned above are becoming an annoyance come see us.